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  • 0000441: [Feature Request] Normalize Audio

    About the 'Normalize Audio':
    A sound compressor has been implemented, to adjust automatically sound pressure. It support any number of channels.

    A new setting in the sound tab has been implemented to set the strength of the compressor. To simplify, only one setting is available, the maximum gain.

    A good value is 18-20 dB of max. gain, authorized range is from 3dB (very light) to 40 dB (extremely loud).

    The maximum gain apply at -100 dB, and linearly decrease to 0 dB when the input sound pressure reaches 0 dB.

    So with a Max gain of 20 dB, if the source is at -50 dB the gain will be 10 dB, thus the output will be at -40 dB.

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