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With AltDesk you'll be able to ease your daily work by managing numerous task more efficiently than before. Virtual Desktops technology, implemented in AltDesk, allows you to work with a single display nearly as effective as if you used several monitors at once. Unlike competing products, AltDesk uses icons and thumbnails to represent tasks, which makes task management more effective as you can reach any given task in the shortest time. AltDesk doesn't use a lot of screen space, you can even hide its window and manage Desktops with hotkeys. You can also change program's appearance by applying skins, which can be found on our home page.

+ New "Add to sticky apps" option is added to the context menu.
+ Desktop switching speed is significantly increased.
* Fixed bug: incorrect desktop icons coordinates after switching desktops
* Fixed bug: tooltips text color was sometimes incorrect.
* Fixed bug: vanishing wallpaper in Windows Vista.
* Fixed bug: disappearing wallpaper on the first desktop.
* Fixed bug: memory leak on the options dialog call.
* Fixed bug: incorrect displaying of tooltips in Windows 2000.
* Fixed bug: error regarding permissions to install program.
* Fixed bug: incorrect minimize on use.
* Fixed bug with skin application.

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