PerfectDisk 8.0 build 58

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 07 2007 @ 14:59 CET by

PerfectDisk Command Center
  • Corrected column sorting issues in the Console machine view and Reports.
PerfectDisk Client
  • We added code to store the column widths on the Exchange Tab.
  • Corrected the boot file management options for Vista. Originally we only allowed PerfectDisk Manage and Disable
  • Corrected a bug when displaying statistics. The bug caused the statistics to be listed twice when displayed.
  • Corrected a schedule bug which was preventing online defrag schedules from starting when they were preceeded by an offline schedule.
  • Worked around a hardware driver issue on XP, Win2000 and Windows Server 2003 which effected boot-time defrag. In Srv03 & Vista a new storage control, IOCTL_DISK_COPY_DATA, was added that defrag operations should attempt to use when moving file data to accomplish two results:
  • reduce the problem of VolSnap.sys shapshots being prematurely purged and
  • increase performance where the underlying hardware may be able to "move" file data by just shuffling pointers.
  • If this new control fails, data is moved the normal brute force way (i.e. read it from here and write it to there). We have discovered that some hardware reported success when indeed they failed to correctly redirect the pointers. This issue can cause data loss.

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8.0 build 58
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