Mozilla Camino 1.0.4

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In Camino 1.0.4, we have made the following changes and improvements since version 1.0.3:
    • Fixed several critical security and stability issues, including those fixed in version of the Mozilla Gecko rendering engine.
    • Sheets will now close as expected on Intel-based Macs.
    • Upgraded the bundled Java Embedding Plugin to version 0.9.6.
    • Added support for importing iCab 3 bookmarks.
    • Improved the handling of Internet Explorer .url shortcut files.
    • The text of certain security dialogs now contains “Camino” instead of “(null)”.
    • Camino will now make a backup copy of the bookmarks file when it launches if the file is not corrupt.
    • Camino will automatically restore bookmarks from a backup when it launches if they are unreadable.
    • Further improved ad-blocking.

Program Information

Internet and communication

Works on:
Mac OS X

Product page: here

Download: Mozilla Camino 1.0.4

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