AvancePaint 2.0

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A paint program.

Changelog: - New: Draw advanced Polygons - move points, color, thickness etc...
- New: Draw Advanced Bezier curves - move points, color, thickness etc...
- New: Twain compatible! (Eztw32.dll)
- import images/pictures from your scanner, cam etc. any twain compatible device!
- New: Pencil now also acts as an Eraser when right mouse-button is pressed
- New: 5 new pencil color mixes (user selected color, grayscales, pastel pink, blue, yellow)

- New Effects browser v1.5:
- Total new look for easier use
- Several bugs concerning closing the application after an effect: fixed
- Render gave wrong displacement : fixed
- Zoom gave wrong displacement: fixed
- Color picker enhanced with RGB color pallet picker
- New: Spot light aperture size
- Default effect settings improved
- New: mirror image horizontal
- New: mirror image vertical
- Color selector always on top
- User selected color (in Avancepaint) now default in color-selector
- New Pro Edition effect: Anti Aliasing!
- transparency color for zoom, rotate and rendering
- Render picture displacement
- Bug fix: zoom, render and rotate centering image not always correct: fixed
- general debugging
- Spot light now updates automatically after moving image
- New Text functions (Pro Edition)
- font, bold, italic, underline
- 3D shadow text
- all fonts added
- text entry now logically placed
- Text updates automatically after moving (Tip: After apply use it to create 3D)

- AvancePaint Brightness/Contrast:
- preview enlarged
- centre image
- flickering when moving image: fixed
- more speed
- Reset back to original image

- Pencil -> acts as an Eraser when right mouse-button is pressed
- Right click when using Color Picker Tool sets now the background color
- double click html color code -> clipboard
- Right-click Circle icon -> allows drawing Bezier curves

- 3D borders (Pro Edition) enhanced:
- thickness between 1 and 20 points
- New: extra 3D border "etched"

- Borders improved with:
- now a pallet of 50 colors (instead of 18)
- size adjusted according to selected border
- resize border allowing background color change in solid colors (dual color borders)
- general debugging

- New effect: Interlacing, Crease and Moody (replacing blur, brighten, darken, emboss as it is already available in AvancePaint itself)
- All effects debugged and enhanced
- Effects enabled in Free Edition: Crease, Diffuse, Interlacing!
- Major effect updates of: Sharpen (5 styles: Pro), Psychedelic (now 5 extra effects: Pro), Emboss, Black & white, Jagged (Pro), Striped (user color, step size: Pro), Moody (Pro)
- Free Edition effects available for download: Emboss, Blur, Grayscale, Brighten, Darken - New Statue effect!
- Pro effects available for download: Lighting Blur (and many more will follow)!
- Add Free Edition effects up to 4 extra free downloadable effects
- Speedup some effects: grayscales, color scales, bright/contrast

- Convert single Color Scale New -> black & white, yellow, purple, cyan
- New: Cyan color pallet added to the main color pallet
- New in Draw Text : Center text , left justify, Font
- Copy/Paste bug fixed - After paste user needed to click the selection to allow moving the pasted image, now automatic
- Bug: Blend and transparency during Selection did not work: fixed!
- 8 new textures!
- 4 user selected Textures stored for next use
- Bug fix: Transparency fixed with Paste and with inserting Symbols
- New: ESC during effect stops the current running effect (to stop effect press ESC-key)
- 28 new symbols!
- Associate JPG, BMP or GIF with AvancePaint to open these files from within the Explorer
- Several cosmetic changes

- and much more!
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