LanHelper 1.73

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LanHelper is specially designed for high speed network management. A powerful network management, discovery and monitoring software for office network and home network. No server program needed.

* Added: Run Refresh Status or the monitoring by groups. * Added: Scan option "ping count". * Enhanced: In XML Group dialog now can select more than one XML groups and click Select button to make all the items belonged to them selected in the main window. * Enhanced: In Send Email of Alert Settings of Refresh Status option, add "SMTP Port" option, "Requires SSL" option. Removed "Requires Authentication" option. Fixed the bug that the Backup SMTP cannot send email out. * Fixed: Under monitor mode, the monitor mistakenly shut down the machines which ought to be restarted, or restart them which ought to be shut down. * Fixed: Failed to delete all groups if more than one groups were selected in XML Group dialog. * Fixed: When perform Wake-On-LAN from command line mode and specify a text file, the Wake-On-LAN packets cannot be sent to targets located on other subnets. * Fixed: Border drawing and font issues of the multiple-columns tree control. * Removed: Refresh Status option "refresh IP timeout". When refresh statuses by IP, the program uses the values of Ping Timeout and Ping Count settings in Scan option. * Other small improvements and fixes.
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