80% of all spam created by 10 people

Posted on Sunday, Nov 19 2006 @ 04:16 CET by LSDsmurf
Spamhaus reports that eighty percent of all spam is created by only ten people:
The worst is a "multi-aliased spammer" known variously as Alex or Alexey who lives in the Ukraine. Alex is alleged to work with Russian spam bandits called Pavka/Artofit, which use spam bots to churn out junk.

Leo Kuvayev, number two on the list, who also worked with Pavka/Artofit, has been in hiding after a Massachusetts court handed down $37 million in fines in October 2005 against him for his operations in the US.
Four of these spammers live in Russia, two in the U.S., and the others in Ukraine, Israel, Hong Kong and Canada.

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