Update about AMD Barcelona performance

Posted on Monday, April 23 2007 @ 18:41 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Here's a slight update about the performance of Barcelona, coming from a press release from AMD:
AMD also disclosed updated performance projections for its upcoming native Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors, code-named ‘Barcelona.’ The new Barcelona projections are based on the latest SPECcpu2006 benchmarks and show that AMD expects to have up to a 50 percent advantage in floating point performance and 20 percent in integer performance over the competition’s highest-performing quad-core processor at the same frequency.
Interesting to note is that they only tested in one benchmark application and that the testing was done "at the same clockspeed". This means that they didn't use the fastest quad-core Intel Xeon processor or that they slightly underclocked the Intel chip to match the clockspeed of their Barcelona chip.

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Re: Update about AMD Barcelona performance
by Anonymous on Tuesday, April 24 2007 @ 5:41 CEST
Ok how about some real world apps? How about a working cpu we can see in action?

How about actually being able to buy a Barcelona for my desktop before 2008?

Ok then, so you've got a lot of talk so far. Not very impressive, if you ask me.