Transcend aXeRam DDR2-1200+ memory launched

Posted on Sunday, Oct 28 2007 @ 04:17 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Transcend unveiled a new 1200MHz memory module in its aXeRam DDR2 memory series. This module runs at 1200MHz with 5-5-5-15 with a voltage of only 2.2V.
Designed with gamers and power users in mind, Transcend’s 2GB DDR2-1200+ aXeRam Dual-Channel Overclocking Memory Kit includes a matching pair of speed-tested and verified 1GB DDR2 1200MHz (PC2 9600) modules with all-new high performance polished aluminum heat sinks. To ensure compatibility, all aXeRam modules use robust six-layer PCBs that fully comply with JEDEC (the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) standards. The 240-pin DIMMs included in the kit are each made of 16, top-of-the-line Micron D9 series 64Mx8 chips, which are well known for their exceptional overclocking performance. Each chip is handpicked to meet strict performance and quality requirements, and is manufactured using Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA) packages to assure better thermal dissipation and electrical efficiency. Transcend’s aXeRam DDR2-1200+ memory also includes Enhanced Performance Profiles (EPP), a time-saving feature which allows users to automatically configure EPP-enabled motherboards with aggressive memory settings for better memory and system performance.

Transcend’s 2GB DDR2-1200+ aXeRam Overclocking Kit’s two identically matched 1GB modules offer incredible dual-channel speed, with memory bandwidth up to 19.2 GB/s. This equates to a performance increase of 60% compared to DDR2-800 which only manages 12.8 GB/s in dual-channel mode. System modders and enthusiasts will appreciate the distinctive styling of the included custom aluminum heat sinks with vertical fins to increase surface area and offer superior heat dissipation characteristics. Whether playing intense 3D games or stressing your system with heavy-duty software applications, Transcend’s aXeRam 2GB DDR2-1200+ Dual-Channel Overclocking memory kit will give you the extra power you need – especially with Windows Vista.
The modules use Micron D9 memory chips, feature large heatspreaders and come with a lifetime warranty.

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