Sony VAIO VGN-A790 Review

Posted on 2005-11-01 01:19:06 by LSDsmurf

The question isn’t what Sony’s VAIO VGN-A790 does, so much as, what doesn’t it do? This multimedia monster rivals most fully loaded desktops, with a 2-GHz Centrino CPU, a full gigabyte of memory, and a glossy 17-inch widescreen display. You also get a docking station with a built-in TV tuner, so you can record your favorite shows onto the 100GB hard drive, and a set of external speakers. With so many parts required to get the full experience, you may be better off buying a slim desktop or a notebook with a TV tuner built in. You can learn more about this laptop over at's full test report...

Link: Laptop Mag

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