Gainward 7800 GT Golden Sample Review

Posted on 2005-11-01 17:13:13 by LSDsmurf

The Golden Sample is clocked with a 450 MHz core which is 4 MHz faster than one of the overclocking sweet spots (18 x 27 - 40 = 446). Now, as our last 7800 GT review showed, the good thing about the 7800 series is that we see good performance boosts when they are overclocked. There were some instances of a 10 fps increase in some benchmarks with reasonable overclocks. What this suggests is that the Golden Sample at its stock clocks and under warranty will perform much better than the reference 7800 GT and just might be up the rear of the 7800 GTX.

Link: Pure Overclock

Gainward 7800 GT Golden Sample

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