Virtual-On MARZ PS2 Game Review

Posted on 2005-11-01 21:17:55 by LSDsmurf

Giant fighting Mechas. Experimental laser weapons. Incredibly detailed, 3-D arenas. Lightning-fast, brutally harsh gameplay. Sounds familiar? These are all tradmarks of one of Sega's fighting game franchise, the Virtual-On series. While one may have never heard of the name before, the Virtual-On series has become a household name among arcade-goers, especially during the late '90s. Virtual-On has gone through many changes and versions throughout the years; from the arcade to the Sega Saturn and the ill-fated Dreamcast, the latest release, named Virtual-On: MARZ attempts to take the game to a whole new level to its fanbase via a release on the PlayStation 2. However, the question is, can it live up to the fame of its predecessors Operation Moongate and Oratorio Tangram? A veteran of arcade games, very well versed in the series, tries to make some sense to those unfamiliar with the franchise in this review put together by CyberwizardPit.

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Virtual-On MARZ PS2 Game

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