Dell Dimension E510 Review

Posted on 2005-11-02 22:42:12 by LSDsmurf

The Dell Dimension E510, like its progenitor the Dimension 5100, is a well-priced, decently powered option for family computing. Like the Dimension 5100, the E510 adds modern essentials such as a BTX motherboard and a 64-bit CPU that should keep you from having to replace your system for a few years. You can configure a Dell Dimension E510 for a cost as low as $729, but our test system included the Media Center version of Windows XP, dual TV tuners, two-piece speakers, and a 17-inch LCD, among other upgrades, that brought the price to a still reasonable $1,154.. Head over to's full review to learn more about this desktop PC.

Link: CNET

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