OCZ Rally Drive 2GB Review

Posted on 2005-11-13 21:56:22 by LSDsmurf

When USB Flash Drives first came out, I thought they were pretty cool, but the high cost and small storage prevented most people from putting it on their wish list. Now that they have been out for a few year, cost has gone down and the storage space has gone up significantly. With flash drives exceeding 1gb, they are the perfect companion that easily replaces the floppy and even the zip. Heck, on some machines flash drives are even bootable. The only problem with flash drives is they are actually a bit slow compared to other mass storage devices. With most of our tests only showing flash drives transferring data at about 9 to 10mb per second, large transfers can be annoyingly slow. That was until OCZ released their new Rally Drive! Want to know how fast the Rally is?

Link: ClubOC

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