Kingwin Nighthawk USB/SATA External Rack Review

Posted on 2005-11-14 08:26:43 by LSDsmurf

The Overclocker Cafe has posted their review of the Kingwin Nighthawk external drive rack. The Nighthawk differs a bit from the rest of the field with it having not only a USB 2.0 interface but also a SATA connection for the hardware IT pro needed a faster connection for work on an open case. Several other features catch the eye on this unit, here's a snip of the review.

The thing about thumb drives is that no matter how hip your unit is, you still won't be packing a movie or other large unit of data in it just yet. Anything over a gig and you should be looking for another way to haul your data around. One way to do this is with a USB external drive rack. USB drive racks were the original portable storage devices. Sure, you can't exactly put one in your pocket but where else can you find portable storage limited only by the size of the hard drive you can afford?

Link: OverclockerCafe

Kingwin Nighthawk USB/SATA External Rack

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