Sapphire Pure Innovation PI-A9RX480 Motherboard Review

Posted on 2005-11-16 00:40:13 by LSDsmurf

Pimprig has a new review up on a new ATI chipset motherboard from our friends at Sapphire. This Pure Innovation board has to be one of the prettiest motherboards they have ever seen. Here is a snip from the review:

"Tell me, isn't that one of the purdiest boards you've seen seen since the Soyo Dragon KT400 Platinum? I "borrowed" the full board pics from Sapphire since the top is pretty reflective and honestly, their shot looks better than any that I took of the full top. I think I would have to cut a window in the motherboard tray and right side of the case just to show off the nice Sapphire logo on the bottom of the board."

Link: Pimprig

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