EVGA 6800 GS Review

Posted on 2005-11-18 00:15:36 by LSDsmurf

The 6800 GS while not quite as impressive a leap as we have seen past christmas seasons, is still an amazing product and should be a top contender for a spot in most users mainstream PC's. While the card is still a solid deal at $249, Nvidia would have been much wiser to release the card at a $199 MSRP. Already some places are selling the card for this cheap, and most stores have the lowest price versions running for $210. While being able to buy the card at that price has no reflection on the MSRP, having a price that's $50 less quoted across the web is only better press. While we can't now say that for the fourth year in a row Nvidia has brought the high end performance of a year before to the $199 price point, we can say they came close..

Link: Neoseeker

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