OCZ PC4000 (2GB) Gold Edition Memory Review

Posted on 2005-11-20 17:45:10 by LSDsmurf

The Overclocker Cafe has posted their review of the OCZ PC4000 Gold Edition memory in its TWO gig dual channel form. While the OCC's review sample didn't look to be much of an overclocker in the least, the factory setting performance during gameplay was undeniable. Here's a snip of their review.

My game play is all about Battlefield 2 right now. The OCZ EL-DDR PC4000 Gold Edition kit has proved without a doubt to me that two gigs are a very worthwhile investment for gamers. You could get a rough feel for this in our graph but within a game, you get the emotionally positive feedback that does not translate well into rote figures and results. If you are not a gamer, I think you may be better off saving your upgrade dollar right now as the benefit isn't earth shattering elsewhere.

Link: Overclockers Cafe

OCZ PC4000 (2GB) Gold Edition Memory

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