Corsair TWINX 2048-4000 Review

Posted on 2005-11-23 16:00:30 by LSDsmurf

The Corsair TwinX 2048-4000 did not disappoint when it came to overclocking or performance. Rated to run at DDR500 3-4-4-8 and actually running at DDR560 with those timings was a nice surprise. The benchmark results were right were they should be with the frequencies the system was running at. Having 2GB of memory is no longer the rarity it was a few short months ago and with the price tag that the TwinX 2048-4000 is sporting, a lot more people will be making the jump. Corsair will be putting smiles on a lot of overclockers faces with this kit and rightfully so. Amazing performance backed up with great overclocking should put this kit at the top of the budget build list for someone looking to go with 2GB.

Link: Overclockers Online

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