PrimoChill X-QPack H2O SFF Case Review

Posted on 2005-11-23 21:21:04 by LSDsmurf

When you order the X-QPack H2O from VoyeurMods you have the option of adding blocks, a different radiator and many other things. The base case, which comes with the black Black Ice Pro radiator sells for $299. The unit we tested only had the radiator upgraded to the chrome version and would run you $311. This is great for a system with just a CPU block that you are not going to try to run extreme overclocks on. If you want two blocks, say a GPU and CPU, you should upgrade to the Black Ice Extreme or ThermoChill radiators. The MCP-350 can handle a two block system easily.

Link: GruntVillE

PrimoChill X-QPack H2O SFF Case

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