Sapphire Pure Innovation motherboard Review

Posted on 2005-11-24 21:19:56 by LSDsmurf

It may be Winter, but strawberries and cream are still in vogue, if Sapphire are to be believed. This motherboard, the first in Sapphire's Pure Innovation lineup, offers a fantastic implementation of the latest ATI chipset, but can it keep up with CrossFire and SLI boards? We go in-depth to find out.

The poor package contents are a big concern to us, and has disappointed us, somewhat. However, you still get a product that is focused on the enthusiast crowd. The fact that Sapphire have taken the time to integrate mounting holes for aftermarket coolers is highly commendable. That, along with the extensive the BIOS options available for overclocking makes this board stand out.

Link: Bit Tech

Sapphire Pure Innovation motherboard

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