Creative Zen Micro Photo Review

Posted on 2005-11-24 23:09:00 by LSDsmurf

Sporting a 1.5" 262K colour OLED display and a 8 GB hard drive capable of storing up to 4,000 songs, the Creative Zen Micro Photo aims high as a mid-range HDD audio player. Sitting perfectly in ones hand, the its slightly oval-shaped, metallic casing also harbours an FM radio and a photo album application. Bearing all these features in mind, we're pleasantly surprised by the 115 g and 51 x 83 x 17.2 mm measurements and broad format support: MP3, WMA, PlaysForSure, WAV and IMA ADPCM are on board for audio as well as JPEG for photos. Head over to to learn more about this new digital audio player from Creative.

Link: InfoSyncWorld

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