Nokia N90 Review

Posted on 2005-11-24 23:11:08 by LSDsmurf

With more swivels and twists than a Shakira performance, a Carl Zeiss lens, and music playback, the larger-than-life Nokia N90 has taken the next steps (along with a couple of illogical ones) in the evolution of the cell phone into a multimedia / communications convergence device. In fact, this is easily the most powerful camera phone we’ve ever tested. Unfortunately, you’ll have to forgo the usual carrier subsidies and rebates and fork over a whopping $699 on for this bulky hybrid. That prices the N90 well out of the range of the vast majority of early adopters that might otherwise snatch this clamshell up.. Read on over at LaptopMag to learn more about this Nokia smartphone.

Link: Laptop Mag

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