BFG 7800GT OC H2O Review

Posted on 2005-11-26 02:50:25 by LSDsmurf

This principle lends itself to nearly every component of BFG Tech's business model too; from Lifetime warranty to 24/7 tech support, BFG seem very committed to providing what every consumer wants, let alone the hardcore. Just looking at their line-up of graphics cards gives you more insight into BFG's psyche. Not only do they have the standard line-up (under their 3D Fuzion subsidiary), but they also have an out-of-the-box overclocked line (the aptly named BFG OC series) as well as the uber-elite out-of-the-box watercooled line (the not uncharacteristically named BFG OC WaterCooled series), the latter two of which come with the aforementioned lifetime warranty. So not only do they literally cater to the enthusiast crowd with overclocked video cards, but they also take it upon themselves to give full support and warranty to those overclocked (and even watercooled) parts. That deserves respect.

Link: OC Projectsd

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