Corsair TwinX XMS PC4000 2GB DDR Memory Kit Review

Posted on 2005-11-28 08:15:16 by LSDsmurf

We have a new review up on some new RAM from Corsair which is rated at DDR500 and is a 2GB pair. Looks like DDR500 is quite an under rating for these sticks... Here is a snip from the review:

"Until recently, going with more than 1GB of RAM had some pitfalls. It was outrageously expensive for 1GB modules, and if you went with 4 512MB modules you would either lose your low latency or FSB speed. Not so anymore, a few companies are producing low-latency high speed 2GB DDR kits and, of course, Corsair is among them. The RAM that I will be checking out here is from the infamous Corsair XMS line, the Corsair TwinX XMS PC4000 2GB memory kit done up in Platinum color."

Link: Pimprig

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