ATi Radeon X1000 - Performance and Image quality Review

Posted on 2005-11-28 19:25:26 by LSDsmurf

Nordichardware just posted the second part of our articles series covering the X1000 family. This 25 page long review they publish here today and except for 15 different graphic and image quality tests they have investigated all cards' overclocking potential and power consumption.

It has been about a month since ATi launched their latest generation of graphics cards. We were at the Europe launch, where we had some time to get to know the cards and perform a handful of tests. Back in our own homes, we wanted to make a more thorough test in our own testing environment, using more games, more settings and last but not least, to overclock the cards..

Link: Nordic Hardware

ATi Radeon X1000 - Performance and Image quality

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