Saitek ST90 Joystick Review

Posted on 2005-11-29 11:38:19 by LSDsmurf

Saitek makes some great products, not long ago I reviewed the Cyborg Evo Force joystick. The Cyborg would be considered high-end. Today I have what some would consider low end, not cheap but lower priced. I have the Saitek ST90, billed as: 'The revolutionary foldable stick for professional gamers', I'll admit I am not a professional gamer by no means, but I do love to play games when I get time, which is rare these days. The Saitek ST90 is a cool looking joystick that anyone can afford and might want to add to their holiday gift list.

Link: ThinkComputers

Saitek ST90 Joystick

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