Epox Socket 754 SLI motherboard Review

Posted on 2005-11-30 01:56:09 by LSDsmurf

This new board from Epox has SLI and PCI Express combined with a Socket 754 processor socket for legacy CPU users and those looking to build a feature-rich Sempron system. We show the performance to be had from a Sempron and SLI 6600s.

It is clear that this board fits into a niche market, and we're not quite sure how big that market is at this moment. By transporting NVIDIA's increasingly popular SLI technology over to socket 754, Epox has done something that no other manufacturer has managed thus far. The board is well-implemented and generally stable, despite the consistent failures in our stress test at the 21 hour mark.

Link: Bit Tech

Epox Socket 754 SLI motherboard

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