HP MD6580n Review

Posted on 2005-11-30 02:42:44 by LSDsmurf

About five years ago, computer manufacturers started selling electronics. At first, they started small, with digital cameras, portable audio players, and TVs, but none of these were particularly daring, although the iPod was something of a hit. Now, with big-screen HDTVs selling like roses on Valentine's Day, HP has jumped into the game with an intriguingly different rear-projection HDTV: the 65-inch MD6580n. Like many other top-of-the-line rear-projection sets, this behemoth uses a DLP microdisplay light engine that provides 1080p resolution, but it stands out from the crowd in other ways. Head on to CNET to learn more about this huge 65" HDTV.

Link: CNET

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