ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition Review

Posted on 2014-04-29 18:37:55 by Thomas De Maesschalck

"As far as overclocking is concerned, the Rampage IV Black Edition is going to allow your hardware to reach its maximum capabilities from mild to wild. My specific IVB-E CPU is on the low end of the overclocking range, but I had no issues getting the maximum clock out of it. Memory overclocking was a bit of a challenge initially running the XMP settings, but was easy enough to fix with some manual adjustments allowing my modules to get up and over 2400MHz. Using the available options in the BIOS is possible and offers some interesting options, but not with my 4960X. Like I said it's a dog, but it's the luck of the draw! Using the 125MHz and 166MHz bclock straps allow the user to experiment with crushing memory speed records, should you have some modules capable of such as feat.”

Link: OCC

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