JWK Lubed Silent Linear Switch Review

Posted on 2021-09-24 08:01:36 by Thomas De Maesschalck

"The last switch review I wrote was the JWK Lubed Linear Switch Review where I returned to the JWK Unlubed Linear switches from 1Up Keyboards after having spent half a day or so lubricating them with Krytox 205g0, a process I documented in Mechanical Keyboard Switch Lubricating and Filming. Today it is the siblings to those switches, the JWK Unlubed Silent Linear switches, which are also sold by 1Up Keyboards, that I am returning to after having not only lubricated the switches but also the springs and installing switch films. One of the differences that stood out the most to me with the non-silent switches was how much quieter they were after lubricating them, so I was definitely interested in seeing how much quieter these already 'silent' switches could become. That is something for the Review section as first I want to talk about the lubricating experience with these."

Link: OCC

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