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The OhMiBod is a product you wouldn't really expect on a tech site like DV Hardware as it's a product designed specifically for girls - a vibrator. Normally we wouldn't take a look at this kind of toys but the OhMiBod is different as this is the world's first iPod vibrator.

This product was created by Suki, who previously worked in product marketing for Apple. “The idea of approachability was carried through the entire development and design of OhMiBod - its name, packaging and website.” Suki’s goal is for people to feel as comfortable buying an OhMiBod as they do buying an iPod.

The OhMiBod endcap features an integrated microchip and this is what makes this product stand out from the crowd. You can connect your iPod or just about any other device with a 3.5mm jack to the OhMibod and the chip will translate the tunes to vibrations so you won't only hear but also feel the music!

Could this be the ultimate Christmas gift for all our female readers?

The toy ships in a regular cardboard box, inside I found the OhMiBod and a couple of accessories (or should we say acsexsories?):

The OhMiBod and the Pinkie ship inside small cardboard boxes.

Inside the OhMiBod's package is the OhMiBod vibrator, a 3-foot freedom cord, an additional cap for use without a music player, a universal headphone connector and a pink velvet pouch.

Here's a closer look at the contents.

The OhMiBod's insertable shaft is 5.5" (14cm) long and has a diameter of 1.125" (2.85cm). The length is pretty good for most users but it would be nice if the OhMiBod was available in smaller and bigger sizes too. The shaft is made out of hard but smooth pearl white plastic and the cap has a polished chrome look.

The product uses two AA batteries. The OhMiBod doesn't ship with batteries but you can order it together with a pack of four Dead Batteries, these are high-power alkaline AA batteries with pretty funky designs. They cost $5 per pack.

It's also possible to use the OhMiBod without a MP3 player as it ships with an additional endcap that transforms the OhMiBod into a regular vibrator. This cap features seven different modes, the triangle button is used to activate the vibrator and to select a different mode while the round button is used to stop.

The box includes instructions on how to use the OhMiBod and how you need to clean it. It's recommended that you clean the product after every use with adult toy cleaner or mild soap with water.

Added: November 29th 2007
Product reviewed: OhMiBod
Reviewer: DV Hardware
Score: 8/10
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