Mouse Maxx 100si review

High-quality plastic gaming mouse surfaces started to conquer to mousepad market some years ago. They sure are a lot better than those old cloth mousepads, and now PcToys has also launched a big plastic mousepad: The Mouse Maxx 100si.

The Mouse Maxx 100si
The back of the pad A rubber feet

Here we have the mousepad, it's a hard plastic pad with yellow flames with red borders painted on the front. I personally think this is a nice design, but opinions about this can vary. The pad is called "Mouse Maxx 100si" because it measures about 100 square inches of usable mousing surface. On the back of the pad are five rubber feet to prevent this pad from gliding away. Also on the back, you can notice that this pad is a rebadged (and painted) mousepad from Everglide. Everglide is well known for their high quality and well-performing mousepads.

- 100 Square Inches
- Large Polystyrene Mouse Pad with Unique Yellow flame design and aggressive styling.
- Dimensions:
* 9 1/2" High
* 11 1/2" Wide
* 1/4" Deep

Flames PcToys logo more flames

Here we have a closer look on the flames and texture of this mousepad. The borders aren't textured ofcourse, they are a bit shiny and slightly beveled. This gives them a nice ergonomical function.

Thickness On my desk

The thickness of this pad is 1/4". I think this is a good size, because I don't like very thin mousepads. In the second picture, you can see the rounded corners and the rounded ergonomic cutout for your wrist. Also because this is a plastic pad it is very easy to clean! If you ever spill something on it or if it gets dirty then you can easily wash the pad with some water.

With Logitech MX700 With mouse Final shot with mouse :)

I tested this mousepad with a Logitech MX700 mouse, and like I expected I didn't encounter any problems with this mousepad. My mouse glides over it with ease and is very accurate thanks to the textured surface of the Mouse Maxx 100si. It's available for $10.95 at Coolerguys

The Good Stuff
- Big and solid surface
- Gives good mouse performance
- Nice design (Opinions about this can vary)
- Rounded corners
- Not too thin
- Inexpensive
- Easy to clean if it gets dirty

The Bad Stuff
- The flames can fire up your mouse ;) No I'm just joking I can't really find any negative things about it.

The Mouse Maxx 100si receives a 10/10 from DV Hardware!


Added: May 28th 2003
Product reviewed: Mouse Maxx 100si
Reviewer: LSDsmurf
Score: 10/10

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