Omega Catalyst 3.8.421

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What's New in Omega Drivers version 3.8.421:
  • Based on the Catalyst 7.10 Official drivers.
  • Added support for ALL the cards that where missing from last release. (Thanks to all the people that sent their unsupported IDs)
  • Reworked the settings for lots of cards, now the drivers should be more compatible with Mobility chipsets and others.
  • Added a temporary fix to the AGP problems (some cards not working) until ATI releases an official fix.
Known Issues:
  • Since Overscan has been removed from these drivers, if you need to connect your PC to a regular TV that DOES need overscan in order to view it properly, you need to install the official CCC Control Panel from ATI after my drivers so you have access to the new "scaling" feature and scale the overscan to fit your needs.
  • From Cat 6.6 and up ATI removed driver-level support for the following series of cards (including Mobility models): 7000, 7200, 7500, 8500, 9000, 9200, 9250. Since the Omega Drivers use ATI drivers as a base, that means they will also not include support for these chipsets, they may install, but the PC may give you a BSOD or a black screen upon boot. People that need to install Omega Drivers on these cards should use v3.8.252 or older, you can get these on the Archive section of my site.
What's new for ATI Tray Tools version Beta
  • Fixed localization for CrossFire dialog window
  • Updated ini files handling procedures to be more compatible with Windows Vista
  • Improved compatibility with IE7 under Vista with UAC enabled???
  • Added new localizations
  • Added option to change "Black and White level"
  • Fixed OSD rendering problem with Overlord game. (Thanks to Unwinder)
  • Updated Overlay color handling procedure to support new ATI Overlay color modes
  • Implemented Save/Restore icon positions under WinXP 64 and Vista 64.
  • Updated support for Adaptive AntiAliasing. Added support Multi-Samplinmg and Super-Sampling modes
  • Monitoring Graphs window now can be sent to system tray.
  • Added option to auto load Monitoring Graphs window at start up

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