Extramod Meshed Fan Grills review

If your computer is standing in a dusty, dirty environment then it is very likely that a lot of dust will stack up inside your PC on your precious hardware. It is not only bad for your hardware, it also raises temperatures and looks very unattractive if you have a case window. Any solutions for this problem? Well you could make yourself a few dust filters, or you can be lazy and buy a few Meshed Fan Grills from Extramod.

Currently, Extramod only has an 80mm version available in a translucent blue color. The blue frame is made out of polycarbonate with a stainless mesh to filter out all the dust. It also acts as a 'fingerguard' just like normal fan grills.

Here you have a look at the meshed fan grill.

And here a close up of the meshed grill.

Extramod provides four pairs of bolts and screws to attach the fan grills to your fans. In some cases like the one that I have (the Antec PlusView 1000 AMG), with casefan holders this will not work, so you'll have to use normal case screws. Here is a pic of a fan with the meshed fan grill, and a pic from Extramod :

Now to end this short review I'm going to show you the result after 3 weeks. Dirty isn't.

The Good Stuff
- Helps to keep your PC dust free
- Protects your fingers

The Bad stuff/Things that could be better
- Restricts airflow a little bit.

The Extramod Meshed Fan Grill receives an 8/10 from DV Hardware

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Added: November 29th 2003
Product reviewed: Extramod Meshed Fan Grills
Reviewer: LSDsmurf
Score: 8/10

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