Antec PlusView 1000 AMG review

Hello folks! Today we'll be taking a closer look on one of the newer cases from Antec, the PlusView 1000 AMG case. Antec is well known for its excellent cases in the past, So how about this case? Will this case be able to fit in Antecs line of high quality cases or is it a complete mistake? We'll see so read on!

Here's a look on the Specs of the PlusView 1000 AMG



Case Type

SOHO File Server

Case Dimensions

20.6" x 8.1" x 18.6"
(H) x (W) x (D)

Drive Bays
- Front Accessible
- Internal
4 x 5.25", 2 x 3.5"
4 x 3.5"

Expansion Slots


Cooling System

Up to 5 x 80mm fans
- 1 front (Optional)
- 2 rear (Standard)
- 1 HDD (Optional)
- 1 Side Panel (Optional)


1.0mm SECC

Net Weight
Gross Weight

27 lbs.
31.5 lbs.


Fits standard ATX (12"x9.6")

Special Features

2 front USB ports, 1 front IEEE1394 (Firewire) port

Swing-out side panel with handle
Quick-release drive bays with release lever

Snap-in fan mounts

Large front panel vent with washable air filter

Package Includes

1 Tower Case

High clarity windowed Side Panel
2 case fans

1 set of screws and motherboard standoffs

1 completeset of drive rails ( 6 rails )

1 Installation manual

  • 10 drive bays for expandability
  • Lockable side panel with high-clarity, scratch-resistant window, vent, and 80mm fan mount
  • Mounting plate for standard ATX or ATX12V power supply
  • Front mounted USB & IEEE1394 (FireWire) ports
  • Washable Air filter on the front
  • Lockable swing out side panel with a handle
    * Quick release drive bays with release lever
    * Snap-in fan mounts
  • Drive rails for 5.25" devices
  • Removable Side Panels
  • Removable Drive Cages for 3.5” drives
  • 10 Drive Bays:
    * External: 4 x 5.25", 2x 3.5"
    * Internal: 4 x 3.5"
  • Cooling capacity: up to 5 x 80mm fans
    * 2 rear (installed)
    * 1 front (optional)
    * 1 HDD (optional)
    * 1 side panel (optional)
  • Motherboards up to Extended ATX

That were a lot of specifications, now lets get on to the actual review.

Added: March 10th 2003
Product reviewed: Antec PlusView 1000 AMG
Reviewer: LSDsmurf
Score: 9/10
Page: 1/3

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Comment #1 posted by Anonymous on 2006-11-07 21:38:22
what pictures are these ?
you don't have a blitz ??
horible review !

Comment #2 posted by Anonymous on 2004-08-07 06:23:27
how would i hook up the firewire/usb cables

Comment #3 posted by Anonymous on 2004-07-02 23:19:42
Just want to said that thermaltake make a copy of the original Antec SOHO file server LOL

thermaltake, raidmax, koolance buy the right to use the design of this tower! bouahhhh!

Comment #4 posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-26 16:38:17
major flaw is the offset front fans behind the bezel, as I found out!!
Apart from that the case is great

Comment #5 posted by Anonymous on 2003-03-17 18:44:10
There's another negative point and that is that the lower 3.5 drivecage has a fan.
Because this fan is placed in this drivecage the harddrives placed in this cage are pulling out more then the upper 3,5 drive cage.
If you wan't to remove this drive cage you have to be very carefull (If you have installed 2 harddrives)
When you are removing this cage then you're vga card is placed between the harddisks

- is videocard
] is two harddrives

Patrick NL

Comment #6 posted by LSDsmurf on 2003-03-12 05:57:49
No, actually ThermalTake and Antec both use the same chassis for these cases with some improvements, like for example the window in the PlusView 1000 AMG. The original manufactor is Chieftec/Chemning

Comment #7 posted by Anonymous on 2003-03-12 03:23:57
Buy a thermaltake xaser 3 instead
this antec is just a copy of thermaltakes xaser 2 :(( LOL

Comment #8 posted by Anonymous on 2003-03-12 03:22:06
:/ Thermaltake xaser 2 Copy or what

Comment #9 posted by LSDsmurf on 2003-03-11 14:40:24
Right sidepanel : remove the screws and slide it out.

Front panel : Inside your case on left and right side of the front panel are 3 grey plastic clips, push them in and you should be able to take of the front panel.

Comment #10 posted by Anonymous on 2003-03-11 14:19:22
Very nice review with plenty of pic's and all. But how did you guys get the front and the right side of the rig?

I'm asking becouse i have the exact same rig but i don't no how I take the front and right side off?

Please help

Thanks for your time ;)