Sunday Evening Edition

Posted on Sunday, December 01 2002 @ 15:08 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Oh and by the way our review of Fanner's ColorBreeze is almost ready ! You can expect this review on monday or on tuesday

Sunbeams Rheobus review
Nowadays people run more then just their cpu-fan, they also got at least one case fan, maybe a good looking CCFL, ... nowatumsayin? If all this stuff runs at the same time, they create a lot of noise, this is of course no problem when you're gaming and creating more noise then anybody can create in a two-block radius. But still, there are times you just wanna relax and write some software or watch a movie, ... At these times you wish you could turn down your fans, this unit would normally do the trick, let's see if it does.
Review Link : DataFuse

Review : Albatron PX-845PE PRO II Mainboard
Today I shall review the Albatron PX-845PE Pro II motherboard. The mainboard is built around the i845PE chipset and has integrated many features that will surely delight many of you: Intel PRO/100 VE NIC, onboard 5.1-channel audio codec, Serial ATA, RAID, 6 USBs, 6 PCIs, BIOS Mirror, Voice Genie, Watch Dog Timer and attractive overclocking functions

Review Link : TechConnect

TwinMOS 256MB PC3200 DDR400 Memory review
The memory module I’ll review today is the 256MB DDR400 one. This module is single sided and features a speed of 200MHz DDR or 400MHz effectively. In order to achieve such high speeds a new PCB layout was required. Despite the old 4 layer PCB, TwinMOS used a 6 layer PCB for better signal tracing and a cleaner signal."

Review Link : Techconnect

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