µtorrent released web interface

Posted on Tuesday, September 19 2006 @ 17:41 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
µtorrent released its web interface on Monday. Slyck explains what this is all about:
What's the big deal with a web interface? A web interface allows the end user to control his or her µTorrent client from any Internet enabled computer. For example, assume µTorrent user "A" is on vacation in the Caribbean, and is suddenly overwhelmed with the inexplicable urge to download the latest Knoppix release. Unfortunately the public WIFI connection at the hotel only has a lousy 300 kilobit down pipe - a speed next to impossible to achieve on a shared connection.

But wait. The dream of downloading that Knoppix release isn't lost with a slow Internet connection. The fact the user has an Internet connection is good enough. Assuming this imaginary µTorrent user has the latest web interface enabled client, all he or she needs to do it log into the client, and boom! - a web interface version of µTorrent magically appears on the remote machine. Ok, it's not magic, it's just some Java code manipulated via HTML.
Read on over here. You can download it over here.

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