Trident XP4 Technology overview

Posted on Saturday, August 24 2002 @ 21:45:15 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Op is een technology overview te vinden van Trident's XP4.
What we do know is that Trident's XP4 will come in four flavours, a discrete notebook solution and three desktop solutions known as the "T1", "T2" and "T3". The GPU will be manufactured on a 0.13um process using copper interconnects and features an almost unbelievably low transistor count at 30 million.

We also know that Trident's maths don't quite add up. They're claiming 70% of the performance of the new ATi Radeon 9700 which based on current performance figures puts it on a par with NVIDIA's Ti4600 yet they're also claiming 80% of the performance of the Ti4600? Clearly we'll have to wait and see the actual hardware before we know for sure but if I had to make an educated guess I'd say we can expect Radeon8500 level performance which is still a good showing for a $100 DirectX 8.1 graphics card. I now simply hope Trident prove me wrong and exceed this with clever drivers and optimal use of what it now seems will be a tile based rendering engine.
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