AMD claims processor production is on schedule

Posted on Wednesday, May 23 2007 @ 14:32:08 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
AMD reassured the industry that it can deliver both its 65nm and its future 45nm processors on time:
In a meeting with analysts May 21, AMD announced that it is on schedule to fully ramp up two of its fabs for 65-nanometer production later this year and the company will produce 45-nanometer processors on time as well.

During the quarterly meeting with analysts in San Francisco Monday, Tom Sonderman, AMD's director of Manufacturing Technology, detailed the company's plan for full, 65-nanometer microprocessor manufacturing by the middle of this year and also restated the chip maker's plans for 45-nanometer production in 2008.

Part of Sonderman's outline touched on AMD's "elegant efficiency" approach to manufacturing that focus on maximizing existing technology before making additional investments, which, he said, allows the company more flexibility in producing its microprocessors.

While AMD has claimed the mantle in terms of microprocessor design, Intel has had the clear advantage in terms of manufacturing, with many more manufacturing facilities than its smaller rival. This advantage also will allow Intel to ramp up its own 45-nanometer manufacturing processor faster than AMD.
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