Synaptics IronVeil puts a fingerprint sensor in your mouse

Posted on Thursday, January 21 2016 @ 13:57 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Synaptics has cooperated with ThermalTake on integrating a fingerprint sensor into the $44.99 ThermalTake Black V2 gaming mouse. Called IronVeil, this new technology from Synaptics features a 4mmx10mm fingerprint sensor for authentication purposes.

Scanning your fingerprint and authenticating it takes just a fraction of a second. Synaptics claims its IronVeil technology takes just 100ms to acquire the data from the sensor and then about 80ms to match it. The latter depends on the performance of your processor, but overall it's much faster than the couple of seconds it takes to enter a complicated password.

According to the specifications, the chance of a false positive is one in 50,000 and there's a 3 percent chance that the system rejects a correct fingerprint. Synaptics IronVeil is FIDO compliant and is natively supported by Windows 10 with Windows Hello.

As Legit Reviews points out, the system may prove useful not only for e-commerce but also for gamer identity verification:
Synaptics sees IronVeil being a big deal for eCommerece sites, and social media platforms, which are supported in Chrome, Firefox, Edge and IE. For gamers using game client access (Steam, Origin) and they see it making in-game purchases easy as once your credit card is on file you can just opt to buy something and then just verify the purchase with your fingerprint. Synaptics thinks that this will make in-game purchases fluid and quick.

It should also help keep eSports gambling legitimate as more and more people are playing for money. People are ‘smurfing’ these days on eSports, so IronVeil enables a way for gamer identity verification. If you are betting or even playing competitively you might want to be sure you playing against an appropriately experienced player rather than a very experience player ‘smurfing’ as a novice player, this is where Synaptics IronVeil Gamer Verification can be useful. In addition, all of those various authenticators we seem to need for online gaming can be replaced with IronVeil’s Authenticator.
Synaptics IronVeil

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