Apple leaving Mac fans in the cold with hardware that is up to four years old

Posted on Friday, August 05 2016 @ 21:45 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
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While we don't give a lot of attention to Apple at DV Hardware, there's an interesting piece on The Verge that complains about how Apple is leaving its Mac fans in the cold as almost the entire lineup consists of outdated hardware. The site notes that Apple is still selling the exact same MacBook Pro laptop as in June 2012, this model hasn't received an update since 1516 days ago!

While the non-Retina MacBook Pro is the most extreme example, most other products in Apple's Mac computer lineup are inexplicably old. The Mac Pro desktop computer hasn't seen an update in 960 days, the Mac Mini went without refresh in 659 days, the current MacBook Air was launched 515 days ago and the Retina MacBook Pro is 444 days old. The only recent model in Apple's computer lineup is the MacBook, which received an update 108 days ago.
The issue pervades almost the entire Mac line. Professionals really do care about performance, so the nearly three-year wait for a new Mac Pro is exasperating to many — not least Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, who says he’d like to support the Mac "when Apple makes a good computer" with modern GPUs. The Mac mini is similarly losing its relevance in the desktop space; I’d actually like to buy one soon, but I’d feel like an idiot. And it’s understandable not to update the MacBook Air with a Retina display given the shift to the new MacBook, but to continually ship it with an awful TN panel? The Air’s screen was subpar in 2012, which is why I got the bulkier but IPS-equipped Pro back then in the first place. Apple should be embarrassed to have it in its stores today.

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