JEDEC: DDR5 to offer double the bandwidth of DDR4

Posted on Thursday, Mar 30 2017 @ 22:08 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
JEDEC announced it plans to publish the DDR5 and NVDIMM-P standards in 2018. DDR5 promises double the bandwidth and density of DDR4, while also offering higher energy efficiency and better channel efficiency. More details will be revealed at the JEDEC Server Forum conference in Santa Clara on June 19.
JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, the global leader in the development of standards for the microelectronics industry, today announced that development of the widely-anticipated DDR5 (Double Data Rate 5) and NVDIMM-P Design standards is moving forward rapidly. Publication for both is forecasted for 2018. Industry users will have the opportunity to learn more about each standard at JEDEC’s Server Forum event in Santa Clara, CA on Monday, June 19, 2017. For more information and to register, visit the JEDEC website.

JEDEC DDR5 memory will offer improved performance with greater power efficiency as compared to previous generation DRAM technologies. As planned, DDR5 will provide double the bandwidth and density over DDR4, along with delivering improved channel efficiency. These enhancements, combined with a more user-friendly interface for server and client platforms, will enable high performance and improved power management in a wide variety of applications.

As demand for DRAM capacity and bandwidth continues to grow within systems, Hybrid DIMM technologies such as JEDEC NVDIMM-P will enable new memory solutions optimized for cost, power usage and performance. Adding to the existing NVDIMM-N JEDEC standards, NVDIMM-P will be a new high capacity persistent memory module for computing systems.

In addition to the previews at JEDEC’s Server Forum, JEDEC plans to host in-depth technical workshops on both DDR5 and NVDIMM-P to facilitate a better understanding and faster industry-wide adoption of the standards. More details will be available on the JEDEC website later this year.

Mian Quddus, Chairman of the JEDEC Board of Directors, said: “Increasing server performance requirements are driving the need for more advanced technologies, and the standardization of next generation memory such as DDR5 and the new generation persistent modules NVDIMM-P will be essential to fulfilling those needs.” He added, “Work on both standards is progressing quickly, and we invite all interested engineers worldwide to visit the JEDEC website for more information about JEDEC membership and participation in JEDEC standards-setting activities.”

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