Alphacool Cape Corp Coolplex Metall HF reservoir

Posted on Thursday, July 27 2017 @ 13:43 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
German cooling firm Alphacool reveals its new Cape Corp Coolplex Metall HF reservoir for custom watercooling loops. This product is the company's first reservoir with a base and top made completely out of brass. It ships in three sizes (100mm to 260mm) and with black or chrome colors. One special feature here is the support for the "light tower" water effect. Depending on the size, pricing ranges from 33.99EUR ot 37.99EUR.
To follow the successful Eisbecher series, Alphacool presents the Cape Corp Coolplex HF Metal. With its solid brass base and top, it has a unique design, weight, and feel in chrome or matte black. Naturally, the Cape Corp Coolplex HF Metal also boasts the Lighttower water effect, well-known from the Eisbecher series. The centre-mounted riser pipe has small slits at its upper end, which spray water sideways at the acrylic tube. This effect can be controlled by changing the flow rate of the water.

Installation is done with two clip-on brackets, which are each fastened to the case with a screw. The Cape Corp Coolplex HF Metal simply needs to be clipped into the brackets and fastened. There is an inlet and outlet on the side and on the base. This means the reservoir can be attached to the cooling loop in just about any position. The top has another inlet, though using it means forgoing the Lighttower water effect.

The Alphacool Cape Corp Coolplex HF Metal is available in three sizes: 100, 150, and 260mm.

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