First Intel 7nm products to be server parts

Posted on Monday, October 30 2017 @ 10:30 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
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In response to a question from a financial analyst during last week's earnings call, Intel CEO Brian M. Krzanich revealed the first 10nm parts from Intel will not be Xeon server processors. Some time ago, Intel said it would put more focus on its data center group by migrating these chips to smaller nodes first, but it seems the decision came to late for the 10nm ramp up. Krzanich hints the first 7nm parts from Intel will be data center products rather than consumer chips:
Harlan Sur - JPMorgan Securities LLC
Great, thanks for the insights there. And the team has talked about accelerating the server roadmaps to be more closely aligned with the cadence of manufacturing technology migrations, I believe starting with the 10-nanometer node. Can you guys just give us an update there?

Brian M. Krzanich - Intel Corp.
Yes, think of it – so first, absolutely you're right that we are going to move much more of our focus towards data center products coming first. It's not going to be the early part of 10-nanometer, though. You've got to look at the design cycles. And you make a decision like that, even if you make it last year, you'll start to see the effect at the back end of 10-nanometers and you'll really see it affect 7-nanometers, so not these early products on 10-nanometer, though. They were already in the hopper when we made that move.

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