SilentiumPC Fera 3 RGB gives you fancy LEDs

Posted on Monday, September 10 2018 @ 13:11 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
SilentiumPC introduces the Fera 3 RGB HSF. Overall, this looks like a pretty basic cooler, it has four direct-touch copper heatpipes and an aluminium fin array that's cooled by a 120mm PWM fan with hydraulic bearing. The heatink measures 125mm x 78mm x 146mm and weighs 647g.

It has a TDP rating of up to 180W and tries to gain a foothold in the market by offering fancy RGB LED effects. The RGB LEDs in the top panel and the fan can be controlled via the included Nano RGB controller or via a motherboard RGB header.

It's compatible with most recent AMD and Intel sockets, with exception of Threadripper. The company says the cooler should be available in Europe for 36.90EUR (incl. VAT).
Fera 3 RGB HE1224 brings highly anticipated RGB illumination while still providing the ultimate blend of compact dimensions, high efficiency at an competitive price. In other words, the versatility that Fera users praised so much.

Newly implemented illumination system lights up the fan and the top plate with stunning yet discreet colors and effects. Supporting all major motherboard RGB systems such as Asus™ Aura as wells as manual control via the included Nano RGB controller, the Fera RGB is a ready-to-go RGB solution on a budget.

Based on a proven thermal platform, the Fera 3 RGB utilizes an asymmetrical heatsink design with four 6 mm high performance copper heatpipes with HE technology - direct contact with the CPU for fast and efficient heat dissipation. To ensure the cooler is as quiet as it is efficient, it was paired with the Sigma HP RGB 120 mm PWM-controlled fan. Optimized blade design significantly reduces noise while providing sufficient airflow at 1.600 RPM, allowing the cooler to work even with high TDP processors.

Its super-slim profile combined with only 146 mm of height means the cooler fits about everywhere and doesn’t interfere with other components such as RAM modules. Fera 3 RGB features proven multi-socket mounting mechanism for secure and intuitive installation process on both Intel™ and AMD™ platforms. It is also bundled with the enthusiast-grade Pactum PT-2 thermal compound and the additional pair of mounting clips for an optional 120 mm fan.
SilentiumPC Fera 3 RGB CPU Cooler

SilentiumPC Fera 3 RGB CPU Cooler

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