5 Reasons to Get a Full Tower Case

Posted on Sunday, Oct 27 2019 @ 17:25 CET by DV Hardware
It could be the centerpiece of your gaming set up, or it could just be something you stick underneath your desk. Regardless of what your PC is for you, purchasing the right one is important. You want to have a PC that fits your needs. You want to have room for your hardware and your USB devices.

CPU in case with HSF

Certain PCs have a lot to offer. Some are more spacious inside, with room for more fans, meaning that they can operate at a lower temperature, offer muffled sound, and have space to include extensive water cooling support. In our review we are going to be talking about the benefits of getting a full tower case. However, if you are looking for something not as big, we recommend checking out Game Gavel's review of highest-quality mITX cases.

When It Comes to PC Cases, Size Is Important

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First, you need to know the size options that are available. You can purchase a full tower, a mid-tower, and a mini ITX.

As their name implies, full tower cases are massive. There are usually larger than 20 inches in height. They offer more depth and more width than mid-tower cases. A full tower case is perfect for you if you use an extended ATX motherboard.

Another reason to consider purchasing a full tower case is if you want to include extensive water cooling, three and four way graphic card set up, or a massive amount of storage. A full tower case means that you can support more fans and have more room as you build your computer.

What to Consider When Purchasing Your Full Tower Case
Pay attention to the aesthetics of the full tower case you purchase. You are going to be working with it for years to come. If you are purchasing your full tower case online, this is not an excuse for purchasing something that’s not suited to your needs. Online retailers show PC cases from multiple angles, so you can know what you are going to buy before you get it.

Think about how you are going to build your computer. PC cases come in a variety of colors and designs. If you do not want to dedicate time to making the interior cabling of your PC look attractive, then we recommend avoiding one that has a side window.

Some features we recommend you look for in your full tower case include:
  • Drive Bays and SSD Mounting Points: Check the number of 2.5 inch and 3.5” drive bays in your full tower case. If you want a 5.25” bay for an optical drive, fan controller, or another apparatus in the front of your PC, make sure that the tower case includes this.

  • Tool-Less Design: If you have been building PCs for a while, you remember that just a few years ago a Phillips screwdriver was used for everything. Those days are gone. Now, there are a number of mid-range and high-end cases that don’t require tools. They use thumbscrews for internal fasting, some form of snap on device, or some form of twist on connection.

  • Cable Management: Find a case that has cut outs in the motherboard tray. You want to be able to route your cabling through the rear of the case. You want your cabling to be neat and out of sight. More high-end cases may include tie off points and wire covers to keep your cabling looking neat and clean.

    Five Advantages of a Full Tower Case
    We have alluded to some of the advantages of a full tower case, but we would like to look at a few of them in more detail.

    1. Improved Cooling: If you purchase a well-constructed full tower case, you’re going to have improved cooling right out of the box. This is because there is more room for airflow. You will also have room to install larger fans. Some will allow you to install fans up to nine inches and a few smaller fans to generate airflow.

    2. More Space for Your Video Card: High-end video cards are starting to get large. It may be the time to purchase two video cards and connect them with a SLI configuration. Since you have extra room, cable management is going to be a lot easier, and keeping these video cards cool is also going to be easier.

    3. More Optical Drive and Hard Drive Bays: This is especially important if you are going to set up an RAID configuration. And the truth is that it’s always nice to have extra slots if you ever need them.

    4. Easier to Manage and Troubleshoot Cables: Since you have so much space inside, it’s easy for you to get where you need to go to change cables or fix issues. It’s easier to follow a cable from the input to the source. With a small case, wires start to look like spaghetti, and it’s easy to get confused.

    5. Harder to Steal: A full tower set up is surprisingly heavy. In addition to sitting perfectly underneath the desk, it can be a pain to steal. This doesn’t mean that a crook wouldn’t try to take it, but at least you can have the satisfaction of knowing that they probably hurt their back carrying it out.

    Don’t just purchase the first computer case you see. Remember, your computer case is important. It’s designed to shield the components inside. It needs to be strong so that it can take the impact so your hardware doesn’t.

    AVA PC case

    Think about the material used in the construction of your case. A plastic case usually can’t hold up to modern GPUs. On the other hand, a steel case may look nice, but if it does not have flexibility, then things will not line up when you build the computer. This can lead to stress cracks in the circuit board. Finally, you just want your PC case to look good. What looks good for one person may not look good for another. But since you are going to be looking at the case for years on end, it’s worth it to spend the extra money and get something that you really love.

    We would love to hear from you. What tips do you have on selecting the right PC case? Let us know in the comments section below.

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