8 Evolving Trends in Software Development

Posted on Friday, Nov 27 2020 @ 13:28 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
With the new decade just around the corner, we are witnessing some exciting trends in the ever-evolving software industry. As IT has become pivotal in the development of all the major industrial sectors, these trends define the shape of the near future. That is why it is imperative to go with the flow and expand your business as per the latest technological advancement. So, let's find out what trends are at large and how crucial they are for your business's growth.

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Cross-Platform Development
Applications and programs that are compatible with only one platform restrict growth and profitability. For this reason, companies all around the globe are focusing on cross-platform development, so that the software can run on various operating systems. The resultant applications behave natively everywhere without sacrificing performance.

Artificial Intelligence
Gone are the days when AI was confined to Hollywood only. It has become a prevalent reality and is already integrated into many machines around us. Whether it is through AI applications, machine learning, or deep learning, businesses are transforming their setups by incorporating artificial intelligent programs. From simple healthcare to retail, everything is being reshaped by smart algorithms that can process colossal data chunks at the same time and extract fascinating results from it.

Low-Code Development
Usually, custom software development involves a team effort, big codes, and expensive tools, which isn’t feasible for everyone. Experts like Fortyseven Software Professionals are focusing on low-code development to not only make the process time-efficient but also cost-effective.

Cloud Adoption
In every way, cloud infrastructures are superior to our mainstream business setups. It is foretold that they will completely conquer the software world in the near future, making it highly efficient, faster, and more convenient.

Everything from TVs, mobile phones to wearable accessories, and kitchen appliances are becoming "smart." They are embedded with software, sensors, chips, and other technologies to connect with the internet and devices to exchange data.

Edge Computing
To save bandwidth, response time and reduce data latency, edge computing brings the storage and computing system closer within the proximity where it is required. It is an evolving trend that will only expand over time.

Progressive Web Applications
Platform-specific websites fail to perform at their best because of their inflexibility. Hence, developers are introducing progressive web applications that are compatible with browsers and devices of all sorts. The users will be able to reap maximum benefits no matter what device they are reaching from.

Enhanced Cybersecurity
Cyber-attacks cost gazillions of dollars annually, which is an alarming figure. Even though custom software development services take special measures to deflect these cyber invaders, the programs are not 100% impenetrable. However, developers are racing to provide absolute security, and in the coming years, we will indeed witness enhanced and near-perfect cybersecurity.

Understanding and adopting these trends is the key to continuous development and progress. It will help your business reach unprecedented heights. So, find out what complements your needs and incorporate what can be incorporated to maximize productivity.