Noctua NA-FG1 -- fan grills with offset push-pin mounting

Posted on Tuesday, January 31 2023 @ 21:52 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Here's something I believed we'd never see from Noctua: fan grills. The Austrian cooling specialist sends out word about its NA-FG1, a new type of fan grill that uses a tool-free mounting system that promises to reduce turbulence. The firm sells versions for 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 92, 120, 140, and 200mm fans. Packs of two and packs of five are offered but don't expect them to be cheap. A dual pack for 120mm or 140mm fans will set you back $14.90.

NA-FG1 fan grills
Noctua today introduced its new NA-FG1 series of fan grills for 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 92, 120, 140 and 200mm fans. Available in sets of 2 (Sx2) or 5 (Sx5) including screws and a tool-free mounting system that can help to reduce turbulence and thereby improve both airflow performance and noise levels, Noctua’s NA-FG1 are premium grade fan grills for the highest demands in acoustic optimisation and ease of installation.

“Fan grills may seem like a trivial accessory, but many available solutions can seriously hamper your fans’ acoustics and performance, so we decided to offer our own selection of grills”, explains Roland Mossig (Noctua CEO). “Our NA-FG1 use a proven, highly efficient design and top it off with a convenient tool-free mounting system that introduces an extra offset and can thereby help to improve both airflow and noise levels.”

While flat fan grills or fan guards with sharp edges can create unpleasant, high-pitched turbulence noises and often also reduce airflow significantly, Noctua’s NA-FG1 units use an offset design with rounded struts in order to ensure that the impact on fan acoustics and performance is as low as possible.

The included tool-free push-pin mounting system not only makes installation a breeze, even if the fans are already installed in a PC system, it also introduces an additional 5mm offset in order to achieve even lower influx turbulence, further improved running smoothness and better airflow performance. In Noctua’s tests, the additional offset allowed to reduce the grills’ average impact on airflow performance from 3 to 2% and the average impact on noise levels from 1.2dB(A) to 0.6dB(A).

Last but not least, the high-quality matte black finish and the Noctua logo at the centre make the NA-FG1 grills a visual testament to Noctua’s renowned premium quality.

The NA-FG1 are available in sets of 2 (Sx2) and 5 (Sx5). In addition to the fan grills, the kits include standard fan screws as well as Noctua’s unique, offset push-pin mounts for tool-free, acoustically optimised installation (one set of screws and one set of push-pins for each fan grill).

The manufacturer’s suggested retail prices are as follows: NA-FG1-4: EUR/USD 12.90 (Sx2) / EUR/USD 19.90 (Sx5)
NA-FG1-5: EUR/USD 12.90 (Sx2) / EUR/USD 19.90 (Sx5)
NA-FG1-6: EUR/USD 12.90 (Sx2) / EUR/USD 19.90 (Sx5)
NA-FG1-7: EUR/USD 12.90 (Sx2) / EUR/USD 19.90 (Sx5)
NA-FG1-8: EUR/USD 12.90 (Sx2) / EUR/USD 19.90 (Sx5)
NA-FG1-9: EUR/USD 12.90 (Sx2) / EUR/USD 19.90 (Sx5)
NA-FG1-12: EUR/USD 14.90 (Sx2) / EUR/USD 24.90 (Sx5)
NA-FG1-14: EUR/USD 14.90 (Sx2) / EUR/USD 24.90 (Sx5)
NA-FG1-20: EUR/USD 19.90 (Sx2) / EUR/USD 29.90 (Sx5)

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