AMD Opteron 170 dual-core overclocking adventure

Posted on Monday, December 05 2005 @ 0:05 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
The AMD Opteron fever has hit The Netherlands as well, Fluence from managed to get a AMD Opteron 144 and overclocked it to 2800Mhz. It achieved a overclock of 1000Mhz! Still Fluence wasn’t satisfied and got a AMD Opteron 170 DualCore and and dumped his girlfriend and began a week of burning and testing…

“…So I decided to burn in core1 for a few days. So am running cpuburnK7 every night for about 6-7 hours now. Then turn it off for the day and try again in the evening. I'm now at the point I only need 1,45 vcore for both cores to let Prime run for hours on I hope I can run 2700Mhz at vcore 1,520-1,540 So the temperature stays well beneath 50 degrees. I am really happy with this CPU, my aquamark was already 107.000 at 2500Mhz... "

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